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Safety, and the people dedicated to preserving it, are the fabric of a healthy and prosperous society. Prevention from harm and security of persons are fundamental to the human experience. While often without witness, safety is the essential link that secures our future, and in its absence, we risk loss of life, health, and prosperity.

The true value of the safety profession lies in the practitioners’ dedication to developing thoughtful solutions to reduce risk and commitment to mitigate potential adverse events. In doing so, they secure our workplace, community and society by enabling and empowering others to fulfill their role in an environment that values all life.

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Professional Advancement

Advancing the profession and shaping corporate culture by underscoring the intrinsic link between safety and societal viability, making the case that growth in the safety profession is critical in securing a thriving and prosperous society.

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Innovation & Research

Dedicated to creating a forum for the development and dissemination of research with practical implications of advancing both the field of EHS and the practitioners role in delivering solutions-based protocols.

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Youth Safety Institute

The BCSP Foundation has defined safety and the people dedicated to preserving it, as essential to the advancement of a healthy and prosperous society.

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    Younger generations want to make a difference in the world and make an impact in the things that they do. I would say that being a safety professional is exactly that. Receiving the BCSP Foundation Scholarship has impacted my academic career significantly. As a non-traditional student, the cost of my academic career looms over me. Receiving this scholarship has helped me get five steps closer to reaching my dreams, and has propelled me through the remainder of my bachelor’s degree.

    Karly St. Aubin, 2020 QAP Scholarship Recipient, Oakland University

    Tenneco Powertrain, EHS Intern
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    Safety is part of the fabric of business success, community wellness and vitality for individuals and families. The BCSP recognizes this and the critical role they’ve played in certifying protectors and advocates of safety since 1969. They truly have become the #1 trusted source for advanced and credible professional certification in environmental, health and safety. The development of a Foundation focused on the three pillars of professional advancement, innovation & research and youth safety provides a unique opportunity for individuals and organizations to join forces with the #1 trusted partner in advancing this very meaningful profession and sustaining it through the years to come. Thank you BCSP for providing this opportunity.

    Travis Kruse, PhD, CSP, CHMM

    Senior Director, Safety Strategy and Solutions at Grainger

Latest News

New Peer-Reviewed Journal: Call For Manuscripts

Are you dedicated to research in the safety, health, and environmental field of study? Submissions of original research from practitioners in all stages of their career in industry, government, and academic settings are now being accepted by the BCSP Foundation, in partnership with BCSP, for the launch of a peer-reviewed publication, SHIFT: Global EHS Research to Practice.

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BCSP Foundation Establishes Safety Scholarship Fund with EMCOR Group, Inc.

The BCSP Foundation, committed to the advancement of safety professionals through direct investment in workforce development, has announced a strategic partnership with EMCOR Group, Inc. to create the Certified Safety Practitioners Fund.

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