New Peer-Reviewed Journal: Call For Manuscripts

Are you dedicated to research in the safety, health, and environmental field of study?

Submissions of original research from practitioners in all stages of their career in industry, government, and academic settings are now being accepted by the BCSP Foundation, in partnership with BCSP, for the launch of a peer-reviewed publication, SHIFT: Global EHS Research to Practice. SHIFT is an opportunity to provide a global resource for the dissemination of cutting-edge research with the supporting materials enabling thought to move seamlessly to action through best practice. Original research should be conducted within and related to the EHS field of study and provide insight and thoughtful consideration of the topic.

Submission window is April 15, 2021 – May 7, 2021submit your work today!

Manuscript guidelines provided here.


What is Shift?
Shift: Global EHS Research to Practice (Shift) is a peer-reviewed multidisciplinary publication dedicated to the advancement of original research and innovation in environment, health, and safety (EHS) to develop actionable, real-world best practices. Through meaningful engagement and partnership, we are committed to fostering original research and innovation while building upon established studies and practices to further expand the EHS body of knowledge.

When will it be published?
Shift will be published as an online journal twice per year in coordination with the commitment by the BCSP Foundation to Research and Innovation. As an added benefit, we will be publishing supporting material throughout the year to keep our readers informed about the latest in EHS and some behind the scenes content about our team.

Who are the editors?
The managing editor at Shift is Dr. Angela Giotto. She will be working with a team of highly qualified, dedicated advisors to ensure that content is accurate, original, and up-to-date.

Who are the peer reviewers?
Subject matter experts from a range of industries and specialties have been assembled to provide high-quality, astute analyses of cutting-edge research. Reviewers are carefully selected and matched to research best suited to their expertise for effective, reliable review. All staff, advisors and volunteers will be held to a strict code of conduct and guided by policies and procedures that determine both scope and responsibility.

Who can submit work to Shift?
Shift promotes the global EHS profession from practitioners in industry and academia to governmental agencies. Whether you are a student just starting out or an experienced leader in the EHS community, we are interested in industry leading research and content.

How will best practices be developed?
Shift endeavors to develop cutting-edge research into best practice through partnership with researchers, BCSP Foundation, BCSP and partners for seamless integration into the field.