Investment today. Building tomorrow.

Dedicated to creating a forum for the development and dissemination of research with practical implications of advancing both the field of EHS and the practitioners role in delivering solutions-based protocols. Through investment and collaboration, the Foundation will advance the body of verifiable knowledge and practical methods for solution delivery.

Outcome Priorities

  1. Disseminate core findings, convene an annual international conference dedicated to the presentation and discussion of defining projects impacting the global EHS community.
  2. Provide pathways for innovation in method, technique and approach through strategic investment in causal, control and demonstration-based research and evaluation.
  3. Contribute to the global body of knowledge through investment in both independent and collaborative research.

I am committed to Innovation and Research and I am ready to join others to invest in the future of the field.

“Innovation is so hard and frustrating; it takes intersections of people with courage, vision and resources.”

-Dean Kamen

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