Do you have a novel solution to an everyday problem that supports a safer workplace?

Have you designed the perfect widget? Engineered a solution in your garage that has made your work safer, used it and made another for a friend?

BCSP Foundation wants to support your work and help you take your solution to the marketplace where you can help others to live and work in a safer world.

BCSP Foundation is investing in Innovation!

Recognizing that solutions are frequently developed in the field, as a result of current practice, and often by individuals with limited resources to create change, the Foundation is prepared to provide “Angel” investment. This is an all-encompassing effort designed to provide a model for success and includes access to necessary professional services.

How does it work?

Under the guidelines established by the Board of Trustees, the BCSP Foundation will provide support for candidates with proposed solutions to workplace environment issues. These solutions must have broad impact and must be emerging in nature. The Foundation support will include financial resources along with professional services to assist the selected candidates with moving from concept to marketplace.

What can we do to support selected grantees?

At this time, the Foundation, under the leadership of the Trustees, has designated that each qualified candidate will receive a non-renewable award of:

  • Stage 1: Prototype and Development – up to $10,000.00 + basic professional resources
  • Stage 2: To Market – up to $50,000.00 + professional resources

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