Second Biennial Research and Innovation Summit brought to you by the BCSP Foundation: coming soon!

Check back soon for information about the 2021 Summit, and to view presentations and photos from the Foundation’s First Biennial Research and Innovation Summit, held in Indianapolis on August 5-7, 2019.

Need to remember a speaker’s name or want to see what you missed? View the 2019 Summit brochure here.

History of the BCSP Summit

When we began the journey of defining the areas of highest need for strategic investment, we acknowledged the power of research and innovation to move the field of safety forward. This is not just because we know that as a collective that we need to know more, but because we recognize that investment in both research and innovation can create significant change through translation into practical application and best practice.

We welcome the opportunity to highlight the work that is being done and the individuals dedicated to advancing the field. Your work and dedication are undoubtedly moving the industry forward. The BCSP Foundation looks forward to working with our partner organizations and dedicated individuals to create a forum where we can come together to ask the challenging questions and collectively navigate the path forward for the good of the whole. We are privileged to have you with us on this first step in our journey.

Thank you for the contributions you make every day to building a safer world.

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